Video -> Installation


Automatic, 2006. Documentation from installation at Färgfabriken, 2006. Curated by Jan Åhman 3D rendering from digital model at Liljewalchs Konsthall. Curated by Niclas Östlind.








My intention was to continue from my video experience and try to work with the physical space as if it was a sequence, and in multiple ways try to transform or change the experience of the room when walking through it from one stage to another. 2006 I made the installation Automatic at Färgfabriken in Stockholm, a large scale installation that filled out the space consisting of a series of stations with various mundane electric appliances and equipment activated by motion sensors that would turn on for 10 seconds when someone came close. The character of the installation would change depending on the number of visitors in the space, and the relation between visitor and the activation was more or less apparent.

In the back area of the space the installation gradually dissolved in to a play with light and shadows where a video animation with fake shadows on the wall was mixed with the real shadows from the visitors.

There was also a sort of transformation between the digital and the analogue since the installation was first constructed as a digital scale model in a 3D computer program.

I collected the material from different web order sites where I could find information like measurements, reference image, price, order number etc. of various objects and materials from which I then constructed the digital 3D model where it was also possible to simulate motion, light and video projections.
The material was ordered and delivered from the web order companies and the installation was assembled in the space by following the 3D drawings. The impression of the physical installation was quite chaotic and random but every detail was corresponding to the digital model. One experience from working in the virtual space was to see how the lack of gravity and friction would affect the perception of the physical space when it was possible to move around heavy objects with a mouse click.