Music -> Video -> Sculpture



Moving Trash, 1994-1998. Video documentation.

Before I studied art in the beginning of the 1990s I was into music and my influences in the visual arts came mostly from album covers and music videos etc. I started to play around with video and I was interested in how attitudes and ideas could be mediated and transferred between diverse medias, how they occasionally would cooperate on their different frequencies and sometimes rather generate clashes and errors. I wanted to apply qualities from music and video like intensity and directness onto an object and in the series Moving Trash and Toys I used battery operated toys or electric household and transformed them in to various sounding kinetic objects.


Moving Trash, 1997. Battery operated Bump & go mouse, Ahlgrehns bilar candy bag. From exhibition Toy Store: A Swedish Mentality. LACE, Los Angeles. Curated by Stig Sjölund.


Candyman, 1998. Clothes, packages, plastic eggs and candy. Moderna Museet Projekt, Satellite show at CCS in Paris. Curated by Maria Lind.