Peter Geschwind, Bo Melin and Patrik Svensson: "All fucked up" 1996

"We sat in the car on the way to a party somewhere outside of Düsseldorf in February 1995. There was me, Peter and Patrik. When we stopped to ask directions a guy came walking towards us with a gun in his hand. We had been to a club in the town the same evening and discussed a gig, we recognised the guy with the pistol from the club. I think it was a pistol. It is possible that it was something else, maybe a beer can, or... no... this is how it was; we were at Peter's house. There was me, Peter and Patrik. It was a turbulent period. I don't remember so much, but it was fun."

Memory is always to some extent a reconstruction. We are never really sure how things actually happened. When Peter, Bo and Patrik think back about things that have happened it sets in motion a collective creative process. Regardless of what really happened it is always fun to remember together. The result can be a frozen moment from a distant galaxy, battles between gigantic figures of tinfoil somewhere in the universe, mutants in combat. Who is for and who is against is not clear. The largest figure looks the most dangerous, but a smaller trifid like creature has a laser rifle and creeps up from behind. The giant is distracted by a three legged mutant with flared foil trousers. The origin of the figures is unclear, it is rumoured, however, that the thinnest of them is the result of Albert Giacometti's visit to Moonbase Alpha sometime during the 1970s.

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