Gunilla Klingberg: "Seven Eleven Twist" 1997
("All Lost In The Supermarket")

Relating to Seven Eleven stores nowadays is not so different than relating to traffic lights, bus stops or other elements in the cityscape. They are everywhere, many are open around the clock and we use them without thinking about it. Seven Eleven's logo is fast becoming an emblem for the city. How are city dwellers affected by their surroundings, by accelerating visual impressions and dazzling lights? Underneath Klingberg's distorted wall painting lies a mirrored sphere made out of two surveillance mirrors. An art historical reference to Baroque anamorphic images. The conclusive difference is that the image is not turned the right way but rather is distorted even more. As is the viewer, who is drawn into the work.
"Seven Eleven Twist" is Gunilla Klingberg's first solo exhibition since graduating from Konstfack (The University of Arts, Craft and Design) in 1997.

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