Gunilla Klingberg: "Sparspace" 1999

Billboard with sparlivs (lowprice supermarket) logotype pattern. (3.5 x 3 m)Polystyrene sculpture -cluster of supermarket signs, flexible from 2D to 3D.

In the modern city we are saturated with images, codes, and visual impressions all with different connotations and pitches. "Sparspace" is, as "Seven Eleven Twist" (shown at Ynglingagatan 1 in November, 1997), part of Gunilla Klingbergs ongoing project "All Lost in the Supermarket", the point of departure is the urban iconography. And if the American chains of shops that pop up all over the cityscape have, despite everything, an exotic air about them (so far), then "Sparspace", so to speak, points to the most elementary basic needs. It is an extreme everydayness that appears to have been exposed to a drug that stimulates the central nervous system. This summer Gunilla Klingberg will exhibit at Salon 3 in the Elephant and Castle shopping centre in South London.

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