SodaStream, 1996. Mixed media.
Generation – En spegling av 1990-talets konstscen. 17 oktober 2020 – 1 april 2021.
Borås Konsthall, Sweden.
Lifesystems - Nonspace, 2018-2019. In collaboration with Gunilla Klingberg.
Thermal bags, tarpaulins, electric blower.
Wanås Konst Sweden 2019 and Nirox Foundation 2018, South Africa.
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Haunted House: A trailer, 2019
Slow Motion, 2011-2019.
Physical animation with light. Photo by Jean-Baptise Beranger.
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Poltergeist - Cheez Doodles, 2017. Hovering Cheez Doodles package.  
Time - Space Shuttle (Apollo Pavilion), 2013-2014. In collaboration with Thomas Elovsson.
Styrofoam sculpture, Video projections.
Tensta Museum at Tensta Konsthall, Sweden. Photo by Jean-Baptiste Beranger
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Slow Motion, 2011.
Physical animation with light. At Gävle Konstcentrum. Photo by Mattias Lindbäck.
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Automatic, 2006. Mixed Media. Färgfabriken and Liljevalchs Konsthall, Sweden
Photo by Mikael Olsson.
Sound Cut, 2002. Video, PAL, 1 min loop. More info
Rizla+, 2001.
Rizla+ package scanned, distorted in perspective, printed and folded back.
New Delhi 2000-2001. PAL Video. Together with Gunilla Klingberg. Music by Robert Henke, Monolake.
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Candyman, 1998.
Clothes, packages, plastic eggs, plastic tounge, cassette player with Atari video game sound.
Girl & Dog, 1998. Video made with children’s software Amazing Animation.
Modified figures, sound from Kung-Fu arcade video game.
Presented at Swedish daily newspaper SvD´s Web Gallery.  
Moving trash, 1997.
Battery operated / sound activated toy spider, trash.
Teenage Suicide, 1995. Jeans and sneakers. Ynglingagatan 1 at ArtAttack, Oslo.