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Ynglingagatan 1, archive site 1993-1999. More info
YNGLINGAGATAN 1 at Döbelnsgatan 2

Ynglingagatan 1 is an alternative art space. The gallery was founded in the autumn of 1993 by the art critic Dennis Dahlqvist and three others in premises which were only 16 sqm. Their motivation was that, at that time, no-one was showing the new international contemporary art in Sweden. The aim was to create a meeting place, and an atmosphere in which dialogue and discussion are possible, for international and Swedish artists. The gallery was an immediate success and within one year of opening it moved to a larger two-room space and increased its membership. In the spring of 1997 the gallery moved once again to its present location in central Stockholm at Döbelnsgatan 2 which also houses a design store selling post-war Swedish and international design and a café.

Ynglingagatan 1 is a registered non-profit making organisation. It is administered, programmed and maintained by the members: Dennis Dahlqvist, Karen Diamond, Thomas Ekström, Nils Forsberg, Gunilla Muhr, Emelie Persson, Fredrik Schollin, Sara Kristoffersson, Elina Smidlund and swe.de.
The Swedish department swe.de is an group of artists that exhibits their own work and produce Wednesday happenings as well as group shows like Stuffit at Ynglingagatan 1. Swe.de is: Johanna Billing, Markus Degerman, Ingrid Eriksson, Peter Geschwind, Carina Gunnars, Erla S. Haraldsdóttir, Karin Johnson, Anna Kindgren, Gunilla Klingberg, Bo Melin, Bella Rune and Christine Ödlund.

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